Fix caroussels
100% Hungarian product

Caroussels are usually used for screen-printing on textiles. Their advantage is that more colors can be printed without removing the textile. Fix caroussels are usually used for different colors printed next to each other.  Standard clamps:  the clamps may be rotated, tilted on the ball head, its is adjustable 20 cm in longitudinal direction. However settings are a bit more difficult in case of the standard clamp, as the screenframe must be loosened. Adjustable clamp: it is possible to perform fine settings on the clamped screenframe, this makes finding the right settings quicker.  It can be set 10-10 mm to the front and sides. There is a 4 mm gap between the workplate and screen when the frame is on the plate. .  


Caroussel / fix

  • 6 clamps
  • 2 fix plates



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